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The Hound And The Little Bird by zippo514 The Hound And The Little Bird by zippo514
Well, We know The Hound not kiss Sansa, But I hope this will be true and romantic.
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Anvonavi Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I have a complicated feeling about it, somehow between WHY NOT and HELL NO
And the picture is well done!
RenMoraes Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
The coloring here is stunning !!

Fabulous work !!!
FilipaPaixao Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
This is beautiful! It's amazing how you managed to show the tension and the desperation behind the kiss without taking away the gentleness that's also there. Oh, and I love that you drew Sansa tall! Being a 5'8" (177cm) girl I was really happy (and surprised) to find a character like Sansa when reading the books and it's a bit disappointing for me when people make her tiny, probably to make her look more feminine and fragile. I think Sansan it's way sexier when she's drawn like this ;)
ahaiahoy Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice, although the hound would need to stoop (he's a big guy, and she's a 13-14yr old girl)
Redcandle17 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
WOW! This is gorgeous!
ADamselinDesign Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Oh, be still my Sandor/Sansa loving heart!

After posting my own fanart featuring everyone's favourite Hound and his little lady bird, I just had to search for other artists' work of the two! I have not been disappointed!

This is such a beautifully raw emotional scene that I believe we have all fantasized really happening in the books/show in this exact same manner. *sighs* If only Sansa was mature enough at the time to realize that, generally speaking, the more men she will meet, the more she would love her Hound. After as many times as the Hound has rescued or defended Sansa, it is high time that she rescues him back! After all, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners and the Lannisters were the worst. A little love, tenderness, and kindness would go far in "gentling the rage inside" Sandor Clegane! :heart:

Beautiful artwork; it is perfect! Instantly :+fav:'ed upon seeing :)
calamitafrigo Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015   Traditional Artist
beautiful beyond words
mamaOOD Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
for those who have not read the books #spoileralert #theMostSpoilerySpoilerEver (honestly, read the books already, it's been 15 years since they came out)

The Hound does kiss Sansa in the books, briefly as it was. But it was a nice moment to illustrate that this giant of a man is still a human, craving love and tenderness, and beauty. He would have truly taken care of Sansa, if given the chance, as he is actually able to appreciate beauty, and he;s not just a 'dog'.
mamaOOD Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
P.S. I love the artwork!
EcaJT Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Extreme OMG My SanSan heart!Love in the Air Ok, this is officially my favorite SanSan art so far! You've done such an amazing job on this! It looks like something out of a fairytale book. Faved it. Please, make the Black Water kiss scene as well? That would be great! 
Kalitra Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
Fave. Great Job, all there is to say. :)
Pitsh Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015   Digital Artist
absoulely lovely
Apsara-Stock Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Professional Artist
hen měi!
cyberaeon Featured By Owner Edited Oct 8, 2014   Digital Artist
Well, this did happen in Sansa's head, so, in a way it is sort of canon lol
Beautifully done.
TianaMaros Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Student Photographer
this is sooo adorable! i had the same fantasy going on in my mind. you could simply feel the tension between them :)
Silkkat Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This is very well done! instant otp!
NatCorsaria Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Student General Artist
yesss, pleeeaseee Martin!
Palfrost Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
UnicornPoki Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Wow!!!! Really coolLove 
Lifeless-ordinary Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
beautiful work 
Sweetlylou Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful by LOVEMAYU
brand-of-heroin Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Oh, thats the kiss we all wish for! 
I love how you captured the moment and gave each character their individual features even without showing their faces clearly or using much detail. The difference between her little gentle hand placed lightly on his shoulder and his mitt clamping her tight is the most powerful part of this piece, I'm amazed! 
xMelodyHeartsx Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh <3 I wish this would happen in the books
Superveloz Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
those colours... amazing
RhapsodyHeart Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work!
I love it! :love:
blanket86 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
This is so amazing. Very interesting style and composition! Really great work! Love
sasquatcheron Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Savage-Clow Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow this drawing is simply fantastic ! The colors, the details, the movements of Sansa's hair and dress are perfect... 
And I hope too this will be true :) 
Undead-Warlock Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
corzorodia Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
I like the way his hand catches Sansa. It translates the intensity of his feelings.:) (Smile) 
toxioneer Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
It sucks that he died, especially how he died... was a great character. Beautiful artwork.
techmess Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the artwork! The Hound is one of my favorite characters. LOL. Honestly never thought about these two as a pairing, but it works here! Clearly, you're magic.
tomatosoups Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
beautiful artwork! really romantic - except when i think about how young Sansa is, then it turns creepy. She's 11 in the first book, and 13 in a feast for crows (the last one i've read). So she's like 14 now i suppose. So this is nothing i'd "hope" for.

But if i imagine that they are two different characters i really love this! <3
blonc1 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Well, she says she's 14 when she and Tyrion are in their chambers after the wedding in the show but I'm not really buying that.
tomatosoups Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
what do you mean "not buying" that. in the books there is a clear date on which she is born is 286AC and the newest book is around 300AC if i am not wrong, so calculate that. i'll do it for you, it is 14. and also take the creators (martin rr george) word for it, he created her. she's fourteen (:
blonc1 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
It's more the case of having a hard time believing that Sophie Turner makes for a credible fourteen year-old.  I'm well aware of how young everyone is in the books (I'm more than a little squicked out at certain scenes thanks to that) but I wasn't aware that they'd officially kept their ages the same for the series. 
ikzan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rough isnt he
GenesisZZ Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
5hik1daze Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
!!!!!!a fairy tale
duduazevedo Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
fucking loved
Laffeetaffee Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
Holy shit the motion in this pic! They way her hair is flowing in the breeze and her dress and the flags... I absolutely LOVE the hands. That one clenched hand on her shoulder with all that power and then the other one delicately holding her neck... I think I've fainted. And I thought he was so ugly Crying 
AssassinMistress Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Your amazing, i couldnt have said it better.
TheCrazyTanuki Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist
Omg, Excellent.

FluffyShocolateSheep Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooooh nice :o I wish this would be in the series :D
BlakeSteele Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the lighting! 0.0 mesmerizing lol
HeroLoverFoolVillain Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great use of light, I really enjoyed this piece.

Plus, the scene looks very realistic, and  would also have liked to see that
Sagakarikikkaru Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Good composition how did you map out the background?
Annathelle26 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like this scenario a lot. It's a beautiful picture, as always!:)
Lily-Ash Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
The colors and lighting looks great but the proportions look a bit off to me... his hand is a bit too big for his head size. 
galateabellator Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
He kissed her in the books, you know :)
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